Since 1992, ACE Group was founded based on the philosophy of harnessing the power of diversity.

Our presence also extends around the globe, spanning across various high-potential sectors, allowing the diversity of our businesses to obtain insights from related industries and giving us the upper hand in developing our investment portfolio.

From its original credit and leasing business to private equity, capital market investment, investment banking, money exchange & remittance to film and documentary productions – our focus on building long-term relationships, combined with carefully crafted, created and curated products, services and solutions, makes ACE Group living proof that diversity truly is strength.


We strive to provide the under-serviced global masses with innovative, high quality products and services. We’re about enriching the lives of people at all levels of society by addressing and fulfilling their financial, physical, economic, social and spiritual well-being. Essentially, we serve the needs of the many, with ideas, creations, solutions, strategies and bold new paradigms harnessed from our diversity of people and perspectives.


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With diversity at our core, we aim to maximise its multi-faceted potential by:

  • Establishing an effective organisational structure to harness the full capabilities of all assets and resources within the Group and deliver exceptional quality products and services.

  • Researching and integrating the latest technological advances into all our products and services, and consistently delivering enhanced value to our customers and members.

  • Providing unparalleled service to every ACE Group stakeholder.


Corporate Governance
We believe our governance responsibilities are integral to our long-term sustainability and part of our identity. Thus, ensuring that we thrive not just by doing well, also by doing good.

Social Responsibility
ACE Group strives to be a socially responsible group, focusing primarily on people, our greatest assets. Whether it’s customers, employees or the community at large, we are committed to communicating effectively in order to create mutually-beneficial relationships.


We value open and responsive interaction with our clients, partners, and visitors. Whether you have inquiries, feedback, or collaboration opportunities, we encourage you to reach out through this contact channel. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you and address your specific needs. We understand the importance of timely and personalized communication, and we strive to provide a prompt and helpful response to every inquiry we receive.




David John Long

Main Board Director

David John Long is a highly experienced professional with a strong background in operational management and business accounting processes, primarily within the Paint Coating and Oil & Gas industries. Born and raised in central London, David embodies the essence of a quintessential English Gentleman. He has honed his skills in the English Language and has even written, presented, and hosted lectures at prestigious institutions of higher education, including University Academies.

As a self-motivated and results-driven individual, David possesses extensive knowledge in Directorship and Company Secretarial compliance. He is well-versed in the UK Government statutory requirements and has garnered practical expertise in operational management and business accounting processes. Furthermore, David has a talent for teaching and explaining commerce awareness and security protocols, employing the O.P.R.P.C. (Opportunity, Rationalization, Pressure, Capability) framework.

Until 2014, David held the position of main board Director and Company Secretary of Graphene Nanochem Plc, an AIM Company based in Malaysia and listed on the United Kingdom London Stock Exchange. During his tenure, he also served as the Chairman of the Audit Committee and a member of the Remuneration Committee. Prior to this role, David spent six years as a Main Board Director, Board Mentor, UK Regulatory Compliance Officer, and Chairman of the Audit Committee for Biofutures International Plc, another AIM Company based in Malaysia and listed on the UK London Stock Exchange.

David holds a bachelor's degree in business management (BBM) from Essex University and has obtained certification in Controlling Operations ISO 9001/2 from the Henley Management Academy. Additionally, he has been credited with ITTT TESOL (Worldwide), further showcasing his commitment to professional growth and development.

In his role as a Main Board Director and UK Regulatory Compliance Officer, David actively participates in board meetings, offering valuable insights and challenging assumptions to assist in developing board strategies. He places a strong emphasis on safeguarding the interests of shareholders and adhering to best practices in line with the F.R.C. (Financial Reporting Council) and the combined code of standards. Furthermore, David ensures the completion of necessary company returns to Companies House (HMRC) to fulfill regulatory obligations.

David John Long's executive autobiography reflects his expertise in United Kingdom Company Secretarial and Regulatory compliance, encompassing a deep understanding of government statutory requirements. His dedication to upholding the highest standards in corporate governance and his extensive experience in board leadership make him an invaluable asset to any organization.

Dr. Patrick Dennis Howes

Technical Director

Dr. Patrick Dennis Howes is a highly accomplished professional with a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Salford University, England. With over 35 years of experience in performance-based chemical industries, he has established himself as a prominent figure in executive and directorial roles.

Dr. Howes has held various esteemed positions, including serving as the Non-Executive Chairman/Director of an AIM quoted UK PLC, where he also contributed as a member of the Audit committee. He possesses extensive knowledge of London Stock Exchange Rules & Regulations, particularly focusing on the AIM.

His expertise lies in executing and managing projects from inception to completion, encompassing production and marketing of products. Dr. Howes has a proven track record of successfully satisfying the interests of all parties in Joint Venture Companies. With a sharp focus on business operations management, he is known for his exceptional troubleshooting skills and problem-solving abilities.

Dr. Howes is widely recognized for providing exceptional technical support to customers and producing clear and concise reports. His ability to navigate multicultural environments has further enhanced his reputation.

In terms of his recent employment experience, Dr. Howes served as the Company Secretary for MW Group Ltd from March 2013 to March 2019. MW Group Ltd is an enterprise award-winning company that provides calibration and testing services in Singapore, with FPSO and Subsea operations in Southeast Asia. During his tenure, he played a crucial role in restructuring the company and guiding it towards a UK quoting on the GXG Market, raising funds for planned expansion, acquisitions, and mergers.

Additionally, Dr. Howes served as a Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Remuneration Committee for Graphene Nanocham PLC (formerly known as Biofutures International PLC) from August 2007 to September 2018. He played a pivotal role in the acquisition of the Platinum Group, leading to the company's re-admission to AIM. Graphene Nanocham is a leading nanotech company specializing in the production of graphene and other high-performance products derived from plant-based wastes.

Dr. Howes' notable contributions also include being a Director and Co-Founder of Vogue Span Sdn Bhd since December 2000. Vogue Span focuses on the manufacture and marketing of Pocket-Sized Escape Smoke hoods, serving various industries such as the Singapore Civil Defense Fire Brigade, Singapore Technologies, and the Oil & Gas Industry. The company is also involved in manufacturing formulated materials for soil-cement-polymer road systems.

His exceptional skills extend to his role as the Technical Director and significant owner of Natural Bleach Sdn Bhd since October 1997. In this position, he drives sales of Natural Bleach's bleaching earths globally, manages agents, and provides technical support to customers in the animal, vegetable, and mineral oil refineries. Under his leadership, the company has achieved significant milestones, including improved customer satisfaction and increased international awareness of their product range.

Dr. Howes is committed to delivering unparalleled financial solutions with the utmost integrity, and his professional expertise and dedication continue to contribute to the success of the organizations he serves.

Annie Chang

Group Managing Director

Annie Chang is the founder and Group Managing Director of ACE. With a strong background in accounting, Annie embarked on her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 21, venturing into the credit and leasing industry in the early 1990s. She revolutionized the industry by introducing customizable easy repayment leasing schemes, establishing ACE as a pioneering force at that time.

Throughout the years, Annie's determination and business acumen have been instrumental in charting the remarkable growth of ACE. Despite enduring multiple challenges, including economic recessions, Annie successfully transformed ACE into a diversified conglomerate offering over 10 bespoke services across various geographical regions. These services range from credit and leasing to private equity, investment banking, property development, filmmaking, media & technology, money exchange & remittance, capital management, and more. ACE has earned a stellar reputation as a respected integrated financial service provider.

As the Group Managing Director, Annie remains committed to expanding ACE's services, aiming to provide a holistic and comprehensive financial solution to its valued stakeholders while upholding ACE's core values of ethics and integrity. To ensure ACE's continuous success, Annie has implemented various initiatives, including the establishment of committees to strengthen the organization's internal processes. She has also cultivated programs to recruit and nurture talented individuals driven by their careers, fostering a clear leadership framework for sustainable growth. Moreover, Annie has implemented critical risk management structures aligned with ACE's long-term growth strategy.

Annie Chang's leadership and unwavering dedication have propelled ACE to new heights, positioning it as a leading player in the financial services industry.

Dato Calvin Choong

Group Executive Director

Dato Calvin Choong is the Group Executive Director of ACE. With an illustrious career spanning several decades, Calvin has established himself as a prominent figure in the financial industry. In 2022, he was conferred with the prestigious title of Datoship by His Excellency the Governor of Penang, Tun Dato' Seri Utama Ahmad Fuzi bin Haji Abdul Razak. This recognition further attests to his exceptional contributions and leadership in the field.

Calvin's expertise and visionary approach have been pivotal in shaping ACE into a diversified conglomerate that offers a wide range of bespoke services. He has played a key role in steering the organization towards growth and expansion, particularly in areas such as property development, joint ventures, and investment businesses. Additionally, Calvin oversees the functional processes of ACE Group, including risk management, devising effective marketing and sales strategies, and driving community relations and advocacy.

Adept at troubleshooting and problem-solving, Calvin has consistently demonstrated his ability to navigate challenges and deliver optimal solutions. He is renowned for his high standard of technical support to customers and his knack for producing clear and concise reports. Calvin's leadership style has allowed ACE to remain resilient and relevant in an ever-changing business environment.

Dato Calvin Choong's commitment to ACE's core values of integrity and exceptional customer service is unwavering. He continues to guide the organization towards its mission of providing unparalleled financial solutions while upholding the highest ethical standards. With his extensive experience, astute business acumen, and the prestigious Datoship title, Calvin plays a pivotal role in ensuring ACE's continued growth and success.



Our group of companies is a dynamic and diverse collective, encompassing a range of businesses operating across various industries. As a collective, we bring together a wealth of expertise, resources, and synergies that allow us to thrive in today's competitive business landscape.

Each company within our group is unique, specializing in its respective field and catering to specific market segments. From technology and finance to manufacturing and hospitality, our portfolio of companies spans a wide spectrum of industries, enabling us to offer comprehensive solutions and services to our clients.


ACE Holdings Berhad

Driving Innovation and Sustainable Investments

Prospects. Above Everything.

ACE Holdings Berhad is an investment holdings company and the ultimate parent to the entities in the ACE Group of Companies. Since 1992, ACE Holdings has built a reputation for pioneering innovative business models, opening up new markets and categories, and pursuing mutually beneficial collaborations with renowned multinational corporations.

This is made possible by its vastly talented and experienced team, who are dedicated towards evaluating and carrying out investment strategies founded on five market sustainability pillars - high-growth enterprises, high-yielding capital market instruments, well-defined strategies, sophisticated financial modelling tools, and market innovations.

ACE Worldwide Leasing Sdn Bhd

Empowering Business Expansion with Financial Solutions

Efficiency. Above Everything.

We take the best approach to expand your operations. When a business expands, acquiring new equipment and assets can take a significant toll on its finances. ACE Worldwide Leasing Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2002, aiding corporations by providing new ways for them to expand and operate.

ACE Worldwide Leasing offers financing solutions for a wide range of business assets, ranging from buildings, manufacturing plants and commercial vehicles, to furniture, IT equipment and office automation, ensuring businesses continue running smoothly as they expand, without being overly demanding on existing capital.

ACE Credit Sdn Bhd

Empowering Financial Aspirations with Personalized Solutions

Aspirations. Above Everything.

We pave the avenue towards your financial goals. ACE Group’s credit arm provides a fully integrated financial services provider since its establishment in 2003, dedicated towards matching the needs of customers to a product in its comprehensive range of solutions.

The Group’s credit arm has also been endorsed by the Shariah Advisory Council (SAC) to provide Tawarruq Financing Product and all documents relating to it are Shariah compliant.

Before providing financial facilities, the company conducts a careful analysis and in-depth assessment of its customers’ needs. Unlike conventional banks, we don’t merely lend based on collateral, but on customers’ potential future earning capacity. This makes it a more realistic value proposition for both parties, and is the key to forging long-term relationships that offer sustainable benefits for all. This allows us to acquire critical insights to forecast financial performances, leading to investments into multiple publicly-listed companies in Malaysia.

The company’s experienced marketing team is its key asset, working efficiently to ensure short processing duration, attractive financing packages and most importantly, personal service that seeks to truly understand the needs of customers.

ACE Capital Management Sdn Bhd

Empowering Growth through Strategic Investments

Synergy. Above Everything.

We take small steps to make big leaps. ACE Capital Management Sdn Bhd is a Venture Capital Management Company licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia. Established in 2004, its objective is to seek and develop a diversified portfolio of investment in late stage start-up companies with huge growth potentials and companies with proven track record that could further add value.

We help clients make better decisions by arming them with up-to-date intelligence, gathered from our global network and personalised to each individual client in order to create the best fit for each individual portfolio. Our key strength is the extensive multi-disciplinary experience and diverse expertise of our management team, who bring cross-border capabilities, localised insight and a global perspective together to yield extraordinary results.

ACE Private Equity Sdn Bhd

Elevating Businesses to Greater Heights

Success. Above Everything.

We elevate your business to greater heights. ACE Private Equity Sdn Bhd invests in start-up technology ventures, prospective growing companies and acquisition of innovative companies. Most importantly, we invest in great entrepreneurial teams by transforming present innovators to become the future market leaders.

ACE Private Equity was established in year 2010, we play a vital role as an investor to provide capital source to valuable individuals and institutions with goals in realising their growth potentials. Equipped with our management experts, we offer professional advice on establishing operations, management buy-ins and buy-outs, acquisition financing and various forms of private equity investment and divestiture transactions.

We seek long term business investment on cooperative prospects with successful track records and creative innovation. ACE Private Equity not only provide funds, we strive to make the companies we invest in stronger by enabling new initiative launches, make transformative acquisition, upgrade technologies and systems which can unlock the company’s potential.

ACE Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd

Building Excellence with a Commitment to Quality

Quality. Above Everything.

Developing world-class properties that transcend profitability. Any company worth its salt can build a good property, but building for the greater good takes a different sort of drive and commitment. Since 2005, ACE Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd has focused on developing and championing property projects that go beyond economic gain.

Its developments are synonymous with quality, style and strategic location, with innovative concepts and timely, value-added features that fulfil both present and future needs. This is grounded in solid credentials, a stable financial base, skilled engineers and an experienced, forward-thinking management team with over 50 years’ experience in construction.

With the vision of becoming a world-class regional developer that not only does well, but does good as well, ACE Corporation offers a broad and comprehensive range of professional contracting services encompassing:

Building, Infrastructure and Specialist Construction
Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Work
Land Reclamations, Earthworks and Site Preparation
Residential and Commercial Development
In 2018, ACE Corporation's subsidiary, ACE Worldwide Property has jointly co-develop with Teratai Kilauan to develop a new commercial lot at Raub, named Pusat Perdagangan Seri Idaman and details of the development can be accessed.

ACE Cybersecurity Exchange Sdn Bhd

Empowering Talents, Securing the Digital World

Elevation. Above Everything.

Nurturing talents and providing cybersecurity solutions. Asia Cybersecurity Exchange, also known as ASIACYBERX is determined to make Malaysia one of the major cybersecurity hubs in the world and to grow all of our talents into world-class players, offering a new level of cybersecurity expertise to organisations worldwide.

We believe that cybersecurity is indeed a global issue and the deficit of cybersecurity talent is a challenge for every industry sector. It is therefore everyone’s responsibility to help close the global skills gap and equip cybersecurity professionals and community with the knowledge and guidance they need.

ACE Accelerator Network Sdn Bhd

Empowering the Future with Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions

Protection. Above Everything.

Empowering the future with innovative technology.
ACE Accelerator Network Sdn Bhd is ACE Group’s partnership with cybersecurity experts around the world. There is a real need for skilled cybersecurity professionals in both the private sector and in government with the security industry growing at a rapid pace. Recent studies have revealed that cybersecurity has a serious talent shortage globally despite the growing number of colleges and universities that offer majors and graduate degrees in the field. And with today’s cyberthreats becoming both more numerous and more sophisticated, finding, hiring, and retaining top cybersecurity talent has become even tougher.

Cybersecurity is indeed a global issue and the deficit of cybersecurity talent is a challenge for every industry sector. It is therefore everyone’s responsibility to help close the global skills gap and equip cybersecurity professionals with the knowledge and guidance they need. The lack of specialized education and training has made the entire cybersecurity suffer. ACE Accelerator’s mission is to identify undiscovered cybersecurity talents and entrepreneurs with huge growth potentials. The push to encourage these people to enter the cybersecurity field is on, harder now than ever. With our training and mentorship program, we aim to strengthen the capabilities of these talents, which we will then accelerate with our expansive business networks, ultimately paving the way to recognition by other industry players.

By increasing the diversity of the cybersecurity workforce we believe we will be able to create a broader pool of cybersecurity talent and to muster the right talent to develop rich responses to the increasing threat of cybersecurity attacks. Additionally, by engaging a community made up of industry stakeholders, and through the collaboration and knowledge-sharing that comes out of it, ACE Accelerator is determined to grow all of our talents into world-class players, offering a new level of cybersecurity expertise to organizations worldwide.

ACE EzDrive Sdn Bhd

Delivering Excellence in Automobile Enthusiasm

Excellence. Above Everything.

Catering quality and excellence to automobile enthusiasts. Powerful engine, smooth and quiet rides, exquisite interiors, and superior handling are what truly define the best automobiles in the world. At ACE EzDrive, we understand our clients’ goal to own the beauties that capture their hearts and minds, and we are here to help them achieve that goal by expertly navigating them through every option from our wide selection of some of the most sought-after automobile models. We specialise in providing our clients automobiles that they desire.

ACE EzDrive boasts a dedicated team of sales professionals equipped with knowledge and professionalism, as well as shared enthusiasm for supremely refined automobiles, to help our clients find exactly what they are looking for and create a thrilling shopping experience beyond their expectations. Through our reliable and quality customer service, we offer realistic advice and the best possible outcome for our clients, assisting them through the entire purchasing process, including financing, as well as after-sales services that include spare parts and maintenance. We also continuously gather feedback and information to ensure quality and excellence in everything we provide. These commitments are what ultimately build and strengthen the relationships with our clients.

ACE Pictures Entertainment Sdn Bhd

Influencing the Global Film Industry with Passion

Passion. Above Everything.

Influencing the film industry on a local and global scale. ACE Pictures Entertainment Sdn Bhd is a digital content producer involved in the financing, production, as well as acquisition and distribution of intellectual property rights of films.

While established in Malaysia, ACE Pictures Entertainment’s footprint is not confined to the local market. ACE Pictures Entertainment understands the potential for movies to transcend cultural and language barriers in this information age, and aims to fulfil its global ambitions through ACE Pictures Entertainment Limited and ACE Pictures Entertainment LLC based in California, USA.

ACE Pictures Entertainment’s competitive advantage lies in the strength of its human capital. It is helmed by executives from diverse cultures, with an eye for the elements that elevate filmmaking from entertainment to an art form. In addition, its connection with filmmakers and producers in the regional filmmaking industry affords ACE Pictures the opportunities to finance and participate in the potential success of productions in other regional countries. This also allows ACE Pictures to expand the reach of its intellectual property into the lucrative regional markets.

Through production of entertainment products with potential for broad acceptance across countries and cultures, ACE Pictures aspires to bring the local filmmaking industry to the regional, and eventually the world-stage.

ACE Alliance Advisory Sdn Bhd

Delivering Sustainable Solutions for Complex Business Challenges

Sustainability. Above Everything.

Effective and simplified solutions for seemingly complex business problems ACE Alliance Advisory is a consulting arm of the ACE Group, offering bespoke business advisory services on a broad range of subjects. Harvesting the know-how from our wide array of commercial experiences, we provide an unparallel end-to-end business advisory solution to our esteemed customers. Our goal is to assist customers in addressing seemingly complex problems through effective and simplified solution to achieve real affirmative results.

ACE Alliance Advisory boasts a dedicated team equipped with knowledge and professionalism, as well as shared enthusiasm of wanting to provide only the best service to our customers. We also continuously gather feedback and information to ensure quality and excellence in everything we provide. These commitments are what ultimately build and strengthen the relationships with our customers.

ACE Investment Bank Limited

Building Strong Relationships for Financial Success

Relationship. Above Everything.

We do the groundwork so you can reap the benefits. Founded in 2016, ACE Investment Bank Limited is licensed by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA) as an investment banking and investment management firm. ACE Investment Bank provides a whole range of solutions tailored to fulfil the needs of a wide and diversified base of clients, which include corporations, institutional clients as well as high net worth individuals.

We advise corporations and institutions on a broad spectrum of needs, from formulation of strategic plans, mergers and acquisitions, capital raisings to restructurings. Our expertise in corporate finance and investment banking allow clients to reap financial benefits from our services, and our expansive network opens up venue of new opportunities for them.

ACE Money Exchange Sdn Bhd

Empowering Digital Money Exchanges

Digital Empowerment. Above Everything.

Delivering fast, affordable, safe, and efficient money exchange experience. ACE Money Exchange is one of the five only money services business of its class to be available in Malaysia, and it is licensed under Bank Negara. It's services include - money-changing, remittance and wholesale currency business (Class A and D).

With the main objective to offer a fast, affordable, secure, and convenient way for both individuals and businesses to exchange and transfer over 100 different foreign currencies to more than 190 countries worldwide from wherever they are, ACE Money Exchange protect their customers from overpaying with their competitive exchange rates and with no hidden fees.

ACE Money Exchange take security very seriously and are committed to implementing security measures used by major leading banks worldwide to help protect and safeguard every transaction, as well as the privacy of their customers.

A happy customer is their goal. Their friendly Customer Service team is always ready to provide the best service and support, consistently improving policies and processes, as they aim to deliver excellence every time. With the best exchange rates, most secure transaction, and superb customer service, ACE Money Exchange promises to deliver a complete money exchange experience like no other.




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